Thursday, July 28, 2011

Hermana Bailey is in Chile!

"Chile is super different and but super similar at the same time. We are in an area called Nunoa. And half of it is wealthy, there are neighborhoods that look totally normal and could fit right in in the states, and then the other half is super poor and it amazes me the way some of these people live. Its crazy. We walk EVERYWHERE, so I´m SO grateful for those awful ugly shoes that you sent me last minute. There are tons of American things too. Like for lunch today, we ordered pizza fro Pizza Hut. And we went shopping at the local grocery store called Lider, its own by Walmart, so I was able to buy like peanut butter and sun chips and everything. Its great. Its fairly safe, there are some areas that are a little ghetto that we avoid at night. And I´ve only been flashed third day...welcome to Chile!"

Photo: Madeleine greeted by her mission President and his wife at the airport in Santiago. She and the other missionaries had been traveling for 24 hours.

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