Sunday, February 19, 2012


We had a baptism this Sunday. It was the father of a family who everyone else in the family are members. He had always said he would never get baptized, but he started dropping his wife and kids off at church. Then, he started staying and then two weeks ago, he called us and told us he wanted to be baptized. He had all the lessons in a week and a half and was baptized yesterday! it was so beautiful. The Spirit is always incredible at a baptism.

We're continuing to work with all the menos activos in our ward and we've had some good experiences. We're slowly winning the ward over one family at a time, but it is going really well and we've developed a great relationship with our Bishop.

I guess the other big news is that I may or may not have a semi-serious infection in my feet. But, I'm on a great round of antibiotics and the good news is...I've been authorized to wear cute sandals! Yay!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Things are good here in the 'hood!

"Things are good here in the hood! I only heard four gunshots this week. It's the middle of the summer vacations here so a lot of people are out of town. So, we're a little bit more sunburned than normal. But, at least I look a little less gringa! It is seriously so hot!

When I got to this sector they only had one sept of investigators that they were teaching, Erik and Eliana, and they just so happen to be out of town this week with the rest of the work. So, we've been visiting menos activos and conversos recientes all week. Hopefully, we'll have some more luck finding people to teach this week.

My companion and I get along great. She's so sweet. I've been so blessed in the mission with great companions. But, Hermana Vindas has already bee in this sector for 4 changes, so she'll probably be leaving this change :( We share our sector with a set of Elders--Elders Gomez, from Argentina, and Elder Allison, from California. They are super fun. We all get along really well and work well together. It's nice to share a sector with Elders who like to work, but aren't uptight.

Things are good. The days fly by like minutes. It scares me. I can't believe it's Monday already. I feel like I just emailed yesterday!"