Tuesday, October 18, 2011

"This week flew by. I can´t believe next week I´ll complete 6 months in the mission and be a third of the way done! It goes WAYYYY to fast.

This week was good. We met with Lourdes on Tuesday after fasting with her on Sunday. She had a great experience and wants to continue with the lessons and get baptized. We´re hoping she will get baptized on the 30th or the week after. We´re going to try to set a date with her this week. But it was another huge testimony that God always answers prayers and the power of fasting combined with prayer. We're really excited for her.
On Wednesday we had interviews with President. Those are always so special. Hes so nice. He gave Hermana Windous and I an assignment for the Christmas devotional. We are incharge of the musical presentation. We´re not really sure exactly what it entails yet but we´re excited and hoping that means that her and I will be companions at least through Christmas!!!"

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