Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Using and Developing Her Talents

Sundays in the mission are nuts. You spend the whole day running around. Everyone wants to talk to you and you are just so busy. Last week we got to church a few minutes early because as missionaries we were doing a musical number in Sacrament Meeting. I was playing the piano and it was a pretty difficult song so I was kind of stressed about it. So we practiced a little bit and 5 minutes before the meeting started the 1st counselor in the bishopbric asked me to give a 15 minute talk because their speaker was sick. It was nuts. So all in one Sacrament meeting I gave a talk and then got down from the pulpit and walked over to the piano and we did the musical number. I have now been called to play the piano in the Primary, specifically for the Primary program in 2 weeks.
We also have a special fireside this Saturday with an APOSTLE!!! We´re so excited. But I´ve been asked to play the prelude and the numbers for the fireside. So this Saturday I will be playing the piano for an Apostle. Then we are doing a special musical number at the beginning of December for a Fireside with our President and Hermana Windous and I are in charge of it and I´m playing the piano for that too. My poor new companion will be spending a lot of time listening to me practice for her first change. Poor thing.

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