Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Can you believe I`ll see you in 15 days?!  So crazy.  You can call me Hermana Bailey when I get home if you want, it might help me adjust a little better haha.

This week has been great.  Its getting a lot warmer in the high 80s.  Its nice.  Our investigators are doing awesome.  We have a baptism this Sunday with one of our investigators, Amaia.  Hermana Chamberlain is awesome.  We get along really well and its been a really great transfer with her.

It doesn`t really bother me to talk about whats going to happen when I get home, because it doesn`t really feel real yet.  But I think mostly I would just like to spend time with you guys.  I would like to get some clothes at some point because I seriously have nothing, but we don`t necessarily have to do that there if thats not something that everyone doesn`t want to do.  I would love to go to 6 flags, I love rollercoasters.  So that would be fun. I never have be to La Jolla before, but really I`m up for whatever you guys want to do.  I`m sure that whatever you plan will be lots of fun.

I got my flight itinerary today too.  So weird.  This is going to be my last normal week, because my last week is full of meetings with President, and mission tours, etc.  Its so crazy.

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