Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Leonel's baptism is scheduled for Sunday

Leonel still is scheduled to be baptized this Sunday. He's seemed a little hesitant the last few times we´ve talked to him, so we´re nervous he doesn´t want to get baptized without his son Diego. But we have an appointment with him tomorrow night so hopefully all will go well. Keep him in your prayers. Can I just tell you a little bit more about him? First of all, he looks like Mr. Rogers. I can´t remember if I told you that or not. But he is so sweet. He´s started calling us "hijas" which means daughter and he always says "my home is your home, you can always come by whenever you want" Hes so so very wonderful. And he comes to church every week.
Another success we saw this week was the family I´ve been teaching piano to, finally came to church this week. It was so great! They all came and they stayed for the whole three hours. Its a single mom, with two young kids. Her name is Nelly and she is so fun. They actually lived in Chicago for three years so they all speak English. Its fun.

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