Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Touring Santiego

Today we went to a place called Santa Lucia. It was so cool. First, the National Library of Chile is there. The building is probablly one of the coolest things I´ve seen. They have all these little studies with the big couches and chairs like you would imagine in a Sherlock Holms story. And big desks, and each study had vaulted ceilings with floor to ceiling bookshelves, with spiral staircases and sliding ladders and all. It was so beautiful.

Then just down the road is a castle! So cool. So we hiked up there and checked it out. It was really cool. From the tallest tower you could see all of Santiago. It was great.

Afterwards we went to this huge ferria, which is like a market. Its like the little market with all the little shops that they have in Rocky Point only times 100. It was so fun. We spent the whole day there.

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