Monday, December 12, 2011


Well first things first, we´ve had changes (transfers). Hermana Loza (my companion I was training) and Hermana Windous left. Hermana Loza went to the temple to an amazing companion named Hermana Palmer. I´m so happy that at she is in a great sector with a great companion. I cried when I found out she was leaving.
Hermana Windous´s hija, Hermana Gallardo, is now my companion. I´ll finish training her this change. We have the whole sector to ourselves now which is going to be interesting. Now, just the two of us have to do the work of two companionships. We have so many people to work with, it's nuts!
Anyways, this week has been good. We´ve been working like crazy. Christmas time is an awesome opportunity we have to talk to EVERYONE about the gospel. Whats nice, is that Chile isn´t like the United States because the offical state religion is Catholicism. So there are Christmas decorations everywhere. There are tons of beautiful nativity scenes. I love it. I love Christmas.
I actually had a really cool experience this week that I´d love to share with you. Hermana Loza and I had two appointments back to back, but they were on opposite ends of the sector, so we had to take micro. As we were waiting at the bus stop after our first appointment to go to our second, a bus pulled up and I felt a very strong distinct, impression that we should not get on the bus. But I was nervous we would be late, so I ignored it and got on anyway. The bus started going and I noticed a woman standing close to me and again I got a very strong impression that I needed to talk to her. Unfortunatley, there were a lot of people in between us so I ignored the prompting again. After a few minutes, I noticed she was staring at my nametag. Finally, I smiled at her. She immediately asked where we were headed and when I told her the street, she quickly explained to me that the bus we were on was an express bus that went straight to San Bernardo (which is about an hour away and in another mission!) without stopping. I immediately kicked myself for not listening to the Spirit and thanked her for her help. We were able to talk to the bus driver and he let us off the bus at a red light. We actually got off the bus right next to our appointment. I learned a huge lesson. I was reminded that the Spirit is always guiding us and we need to ALWAYS listen to his council. But also that God blesses our lives through other people. Even strangers. And finally, that you never know when a smile will quickly come around to be a blessing in your life.
I´m grateful to be here, to have the right to the guidance of the Spirit, and recieve confirmation everyday that God loves me and is very aware of where I am, where I am going, and who I need to be.

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