Saturday, January 7, 2012

Happy New Year!

"Hope you all passed the New Year nicely. Unfortunately, ours was super fome, which means lame. We had to be in the apartment at 8pm. And everyone was out of town or preparing for the parties so nobody let us in. New Year's is actually a bigger deal here than in the United States. Way bigger than Christmas. During Christmas, hardly anyone said, 'Merry Christmas', but now everyone says, "Happy New Year' and gives you a huge hug and wishes a million blessings for you! They do tons of fireworks too, but we couldn't see any because of where we live.

Other than our New Year, we've had a great week. We've been working on a new ward mission plan for the last little bit and I think we've finally found how we want to help strengthen the ward. We want to focus mostly on the menos activos, there are tons! It's incredible. So, we're planning on working with them and helping the ward plan frequent ward activities to help strengthen the ward and help make the transition to come back to church easier and more smooth for the menos activos. We feel confident that through our efforts we'll be able to find part-member families and more people to teach and the ward will be in a better position to fellowship them. We're excited about that!"

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