Thursday, April 26, 2012

"Me with my mini me.  There is a dog that had 6 puppies, and we gave them all names.  
And this one is named Bailey.  She´s the cutest." :)

"Guess who completes a year in the mission this week?!  ME!!!!  I get the papers to buy my plane ticket home this change. But it could be worse, my companion got her flight itinerary today. 

We´ve had a good week this week.  We´re both sick.  I´m pretty sure its because they made us get flu shots last week and we´re having an adverse reaction to it.  It's started getting cold again. Not quite coat weather yet, but definitely sweater weather.  I bought hot chocolate today at the grocery store.

We had another big temblor the other night.  It was really strong and long, almost a minute.  Apparently there are some big wig Brazillian scientists that predicted it and they say that they have found some way to detect it.  They are saying we´re going to have a big earthquake soon.  But they also said we were going to have another strong temblor last night and nothing we´ll see...  

As far as missionary work goes, things are going really well.  We taught Susana again this week and we have another appointment with her tonight.  So we´ll see how that goes.  We had another lesson with Scarlet and her family and she seemed a lot more receptive.  I think it probablly helped that their mom wasn´t there.  But they didn´t come to church yesterday :(  But guess who did come to church?!  ERIK Y ELIANA!!!!  Yay!  They were actually waiting for us by the door when we stopped by to pick them up in the morning.  It was great.  They seemed to really like it, but we didn´t get much of a chance to talk to them afterwards.  But we have an appointment with them tonight so we´ll be able to find out.  Also, another family Menos Activo that we´ve been working with went to church for the first time in over a year.  We didn´t have a chance to meet with Mario or Paloma this week but we´re going to try and track them down in the next few days."

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