Tuesday, April 10, 2012

This week we had a great lesson with Hermannia and Mario. Last time we talked a lot about the temple so we decided to talk about the family this time and it went so well. He had a lot of great questions and seems to be genuinely listening and thinking about what we teach. Hermannia is thinking about going through the temple to receive her endowments, so he is really interested in the idea of an eternal family. However, they didn´t show up for church yesterday. I think he still doesn´t feel a need or strong desire to go, and with two little kids it's really hard for Hermannia to get there.
We had another lesson with Pablo and Paloma ( the parents of Valentina) it also went super well. He's kind of a nut and likes to talk about deeper stuff like the creation and evolution and dinosaurs and how that all fits into what the church teaches, but everytime we bring it back to the basics Paloma responds really well and when she expresses her opinion its almost always inline with what the church teaches. I think we´ve started off on a good foot and if we keep going she´ll continue to progress and see the need for the church and a baptism because that's her biggest difficulty right now. However, they too, failed to come to church yesterday.
Eric and Eliana are doing great. They are reading in the Book of Mormon and are excited about everything we teach them. They promised to come to church and they didn´t show. I was so sad. I think we´re going to be a little bit more frank with them this next time because if they aren´t willing to come to church there isn´t much else we can do to help them progress. But, I have confidence they´ll be there next week.
The good news is that Scarlet, our atheist, came to church!!! I´m pretty sure her dad made her and her brother come, but the important thing was that they were all there! She slept most of Sacrament meeting, but then they stayed for Gospel Principles (which I got stuck teaching at the last minute) and she started the lesson with her headphones in and her music really loud but by the end she had turned her music down and had the book out and was following along! Well, at least until her mom tried to push her to make a comment and she slammed the book shut and screamed that she was an atheist! But we´re making progress. She came to church and she was listening.

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