Monday, May 21, 2012

*picture taken by Sister Laycock at a recent zone conference

"It was a good week.  We worked really hard and taught a ton of lessons.  We now have an hermana in charge of our lunches which is great because now we get to eat everyday.  We still don´t have a ward mission leader but it now looks like we´re going to have our correlation meetings directly with the bishop now.  Which is a huge step of progress.

Singleton was sick this poisoning...poor thing...she barfed her guts out.

We made some huge progress with Erik this week.  I 
can´t remember if I told you, but we had a lesson with him and his mom the other day and we kind of hit a road block when he refused to say the closing prayer because this wasn´t his religion.  But we went with a member this week and had a lesson with just him.  We talked about all his concerns and his beliefs (saints, virgin mary, etc) and it went really well.  And when we went back the other day we asked him if he had thought about what we had talked about and he said, ¨Yeah, I´ve decided to just denounce all religion and just believe in God...¨ at first we were like...Uh oh... we didn´t want you to renounce your religion.  But then we realized it was a good progress, because it meant he was really thinking about what he believed and what the truth is and relying on God.  So I think we´ve made good ground towards him gaining a testimony.  Eliana is still doing great.  In the same lesson where Erik refused to say the prayer, she told us she had recieved her answer and feels really good about everything so far. Unfortunately, they didn´t show up to church yesterday.  We tried to stop by in the morning before church but nobody answered.  So we´ll see what happens.

Hermana Singleton finishes her mission so I´ll have a new companion for sure, but I don´t know if I¨ll stay in this sector.  So we´ll just have to wait and see.

I love you all tons and tons!"

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