Monday, May 14, 2012

We had transfers today.  Both Hermana Singleton and I are staying.  This is her last change which hopefully means that after this change I´ll get to stay another to lead the sector!  Yay!  I love Cordillera.

We had a ward talent show this past Friday.  It went SO well. I was a little stressed out because we started an HOUR AND A HALF late!!! But it turned out really well.  We were the last act and we danced the cueca, which is the national dance of Chile. I¨ll attach pictures but I´ve heard there are videos of us dancing on facebook.  I´ll try to figure out who has them so I can send you their names so you can watch it.  It was super fun.  

We are still teaching everyone.  It was really frustrating because Eric and Eliana promised to come to church yesterday.  And we made arrangements to stop by and pick them up.  But when we got there yesterday morning they wouldn´t answer their phone, we knocked on their door, their bedroom windows, rang the doorbell, called, yelled, and they didn´t answer.  I was so sad.  But Scarlet and Benjamin came to church again.  And Scarlet made a comment and read a scripture with out complaining or yelling that she's atheist!  A great success!

We also had one of the menos activas that we´ve been working with since I got here finally come to church.  Her grandson is in the mission and we visit her every week and every week she says shes going to go to church and then she finds some excuse not to go, but yesterday she came!  I was so happy!

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