Monday, June 4, 2012

Transfers: out of the ghetto and up into the mountains

"I´ve been transfered.  I was taken from the most ghetto sector for Hermanas in our mission to one of the richest.  I am now in a sector called Apoquindo, which is in the community Las Condes.  It's a little bit more up in the mountains and it's beautiful.  My new companion is named Hermana A.  She is from Paraguay and she has 3 months in the mission. She is so sweet.  We already get along super well and I´m super excited to spend this change with her.  We´ve had some time to talk already since we´ve been together and her life has been pretty hard.  She comes from a really broken home, a mom who sleeps around, a father who abandoned their family, a step-father who is an alcholic and abusive.  Shes been in charge of raising her younger siblings since she was 5.  She told me was in charge of caring for her 4 month old baby sister when she was 8!  And her family wasn´t really supportive of her coming on the mission, so she arrived with basically nothing.  Just one suitcase and only things for the summer.  And she had a great first change with her trainer and then got put with the worst hermana in the mission.  Poor thing.  She's had a hard life and so far, a hard mission.  But I´m excited we´re together.  
We´re going to have a good change together."

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