Wednesday, June 27, 2012

President Laycock Goes Home This Week

President Laycock
Sister Laycock
"Our mission president goes home this Friday.  I´ve only cried about it once though.  But we do have a farwell we are doing as a mission tomorrow night and I´ll probably be a wreck.  The new Presdient, President Wright, is from Oregon and looks really nice, so we´ll see.  The mission home is actually in our ward, so we´re planning on going over with the Bishop to greet him and his wife this weekend.  The other mission presidents have chosen to go to other wards where there are more people who speak English, but we think it would be a huge help for our ward if they would participate with us.  So we´ll see how that goes.

We´ve had a great week. We worked really hard and it paid off.  We saw a lot of results.  I can´t remember if I've told you about them before, but we´re working with a whole family,  Familia Catalan.  And the first time I went to visit them, the Hermana told us that she wasn´t interested in religon, and she would never get baptized so we shouldn´t waste our breath.  But that they loved to receive the missionaries so we are welcome to stop by whenever we want.  Well I can´t remember if it was that night or a couple nights later, but I had a dream of the lesson that we needed to teach them, and the way we needed to teach it and everything, so that they would be willing to listen to the discussions.  Well yesterday night, we gave the lesson and the spirit was so strong,  It was amazing.  We invited them to give us a chance and listen to what we had to say and they all agreed!  It was a miracle.  The hermano even talked about getting baptized.  It was amazing.

We´ve also been working with an inactive family, the Familia Guzman.  We´ve been struggling with them because we´ve been going by but we haven´t really seemed to click with the family.  So every visit was awkward and a little uncomfortable.  But this week we were finally able to talk with the mom and gain her confidence and now we´re doing super well.  Two of the kids actually came to church yesterday.  

Camila is going great.  We weren´t able to teach her this week, but she came to church yesterday and we had a class about fasting.  So she is going to fast to see if she should get baptized!  Yay!

We taught Karen again,  She's doing great.  We´re nervous about baptizing her because she's only 10, and we don´t want her to go inactive because she doesn´t have the support of her family.  So we´re going to try and meet her mom and her brother sometime soon and see if we can start teaching the whole family.  But she came to church yesterday as well."

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