Thursday, August 9, 2012

"We had changes and Hermana Achucarro and I stayed together in our sector!!!  We were super happy.

This week has been pretty chill.  My companion has been struggling with stomach pains and migraines so we lose a lot of time, but we´re going to see another doctor this week.  So hopefully things will get better.

All our investigators are doing great.  The usuals all came to church on Sunday except for Tomás, because he was with his mom.  But they are all progressing and doing great. We just need to get them all with a baptismal date.

Two cool things happend this week.  1.  On the way home one day we were riding the bus and a boy asked me if I knew where he could get a Bible.  I explained that I didn´t have any copies with me but that I did have a copy of the Book of Mormon that I could give him.  I presented the BofM and he was super interested.  We chatted a little bit more and I was able to get his information and set up an appointment.  The next day he called us to tell us he had been reading the Book of Mormon and that he loves it and is really interested in learning more.  It was a Saturday and I happened to mention church the next day and invited him to go.  And on Sunday when we got to the chapel there he was sitting waiting for us.  He stayed for all the meetings and is super excited to learn more.  His name is Daniel.  He's from Colombia and is here in Chile to study Piano preformance.  It was such a cool experience.  The only catch...he doesn´t live in our area.  He lives two streets outside of it.  I was so sad.  But today a really great Elder was transfered in so we´re going to pass along the reference.  

2.  Since the beginning of the change Hermana Achucarro and I had set the goal to have 100 people in Sacrament meeting.  The average is normally around 70.  So we´ve been working hard and the attendance has slowly been going up each week, but its never reached 100.  So this last week was our last week in the change and we prayed and prayed that we would be able to meet our goal and after Sacrament Meeting we went to talk to the ward secretary and......the assitance was 101!!!  We were so happy.  We have a lot of great goals for this next change as well.

I was thinking about it alot this week and talking about it with my companion, but I feel like although we´re working hard, I don´t feel like we´re working any harder than I have in my other areas.  But I feel like we are having SO much success and seeing so many miracles.  I just feel so blessed and so lucky.  Seriously, my mission and, let's face it, my life, have both been a breeze.  And success just seems to fall right into our laps.  All these blessings, all these miracles, and I feel like I haven´t done anything to deserve it.  It just helped me realize how much Heavenly Father loves us.  How merciful he is that gives us so many great blessings.  And that all of it is really His work,  it happens in Him timetable and we are just privledged to be apart of it and see it happen.   Its amazing."

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