Wednesday, August 31, 2011

"I've already been on my mission for 4 months!"

"On Friday we had a ward talent show. It was so fun. We worked extra hard to invite people and get them involved and it was a huge success! We had tons of people there and we actually didn´t even get through all the talents. It was so fun. People danced, did magic, juggled, played the piano, sang, played the guitar. It was a huge hit. Diego and his whole family came, even his ¨wife¨ and his daughter. And then we had over 10 less actives there. It was so much fun.

Then on Saturday they had the Stake Primary activiy which was called ¨A missionary for the day¨ it was the cutest thing. All the primary kids had little black name tags and were dressed like missionaries. They were divided into districts and their teachers where their district leaders. They went around to these little stations where they learned about being a missionary. They practiced making the bed, tying a tye, ironing a shirt, and even how to wake up your companion nicely if they don´t get up on time. We got to help do the stations. It was adorable. Our President was there and spoke to them for a little bit and our zone did a musical number.

We had an awesome experience this week when we were walking from one appointment to another in a different area. We were actually talking as we were walking, practicing our spanish or trying to come up with ideas of how to get our investigators to church, when a road we hadn´t noticed before caught our attention. We had a few minutes so we decided to knock. At the third door a woman immediately invited us in and a few minutes later her son came home. As we explained who we were and what our purpose was he stopped us and suprised us by saying that he was a member. He had been inactive for several years but he still had a strong testimony of the Book of Mormon. As we continued talking with him we found out that he worked long hours everyday and wasn´t normally home at that time but he had felt a little sick so he had come home. It was a miracle that we had found him. We were able to testify to him that we knew that our decision to knock his door just a few minutes before he came home was not a coincidence. We testified that Heavenly Father was aware of him. That He hadn´t forgotten him and that He loved him and wanted him to come back to church. The Spirit was so strong. It was amazing."

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