Tuesday, August 23, 2011

"God watches out for his missionaries."

We found out earlier this week that our area boundaries were different than we had thought so we went to go check out the area we didn´t know about and do some knocking. We were walking down this road and Hermana Hudson said that she thought it was this other direction. So, we turned off the road to try and figure it out. It turns out we were wrong so we turned around and went back to the road we had been on to start knocking. But, when we got there there were all these people, a bunch of police cars and two ambulances. We looked for a little bit, but all we could see was a man with a leg brace on being lifted into the ambulance. It didn´t really make sense that there was such a crowd for just a broken leg. So we kept walking and we noticed all these police officers looking in yards and bushes and we heard the words ¨drugs.¨ Finally we got to the end of the street where it was all roped off and there was a police officer there. We asked him what had happened and he told us there had been a shoot out between the police and that man! And we had been walking down that street just minutes before. Crazy huh?! But the moral of the story is, God really watches out for his missionaries. We even found a future investigator in the few minutes we were off that street. The mission is full of miracles.

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