Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Power of Testimony

"We had another wonderful lesson this week with our neighbor Rita. Right now she´s kind of angry at God because of all the difficulties she has in her life. She has a daughter that's mentally handicap and her sons have had a lot of injuries or physical problems. She just feels overwhelmed and like it's not fair. She´s normally pretty negative when we come for our visits. But, this time we brought a member with us named Cecilia. And she is wonderful. She´s a return missionary, she served in Ecuador, and one of her sons is actually serving in the exact same mission right now that she served in. She´s really fun and always willing to come to our appointments with us. So we brought Cecilia and at first its started off the same, with Rita being negative, but after a few minutes, Cecilia bore a really powerful testimony and things just turned around. I know when we come she just wants us to promise her that if she joins the church everything will go away. But instead we promised her that the blessings of the Gospel will help her deal with her challenges and give purpose to her trials. The Spirit was so strong. She even cried. We´ve been trying to get her to pray for weeks and she is never willing, but this time at the end of the lesson, she agreed to give the closing prayer and it was beautiful. It was just an amazing lesson and a huge break through with her."

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