Thursday, August 18, 2011

Chili in Chile

"It snowed... It didn´t stick. But it was definitely snowing. Then the other day we ate at a members house who is from Utah and she fed us chili, so I can now offically say I´ve eaten chili in Chile!!!" Madeleine

My name is Lisa Clark and I am a member of the church in Santiago, Chile. My husband and I graduated from BYU in December and came down here for a job. We're in your daughters' ward! They have been over to my house a few times for lunch and just to visit and I love having them over. They love playing with my little boy who is 14 months old, looking through my church cds, recipe books, and reminiscing about the U.S. I took some pictures of them today and thought you would enjoy seeing them. I made them chili and apple pie for lunch so they're probably a little homesick today! They are doing a great work here. There are so many less active members that it is mind-blowing. There are a lot of people that need them. I can tell that they are enjoying serving them and doing our Heavenly Father's work.
We love your daughters! They are amazing and we pray for their success here. Thank you for helping the
Lisa Clark

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