Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Earthquake! But, we're fine...

Hows life in the United States? It's still hot as heck down here. But in a month it is going to start getting really cold.

As you may have heard, we had a earthquake yesterday! We normally have 4 or 5 that you can feel any given week but they normally are fairly short and not very strong. But, the one we had yesterday was a 7.2 and was almost a minute long. We were actually headed to our apartment so I could get something and just as we were about to walk in the door we felt it. It was strong enough to knock all cell phones out of service, some for more than an hour. We actually had another earthquake a little shorter and less intense the other night. A lot of people are talking about it because they say that when several intense earthquakes come back to back like that it usually means tension is building and a big earthquake will come soon. So we´ll see. But don´t worry we´re safe.

Yet again we spent most of our week working with menos activos which paid off because several of them came to church this week! Unfortunately Erik and Eliana still didn´t come because her dad was in town. But we´re going to keep trying. Things are going well with Scarlet. We´ve gained her confidence so now we just need to find a way to teach her the gospel without her mom jumping down her throat and them fighting the whole time.

But, we´re working away. Like normal. Lovin' the mish, saving one soul at a time!

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